I support gaming under Linux.  Here are the games I've purchased for the
Linux platform:

1. Myth II                            Lokigames
2. Railroad Tycoon II                 Lokigames
3. Heavy Gear II                      Lokigames
4. Terminus                           Vatical
5. Descent III                        Lokigames
6. Eric's Ultimate Solitaire          Lokigames
7. Hopkins FBI                        MP Entertainment
8. Soldier Of Fortune                 Lokigames
9. Quake III                          Lokigames (ID Games)
10. Unreal Tournament                 Lokigames
11. Heretic II                        Lokigames
12. Tribes II                         Lokigames (Sierra)
13. Jagged Alliance                   Tribsoft (Sir Tech)
14. Rune                              Lokigames (Human Head)
15. Rune: Halls of Valhalla           Lokigames (Human Head)
16. Heroes of Might And Magic III     Lokigames
17. Simcity 3000                      Lokigames
18. IBM's Viavoice Dictation          IBM
19. Shogo: Mobile Armor Division      Hyperion (Monolith)
20. Mind Rover: The Europa Project    Lokigames
21. Alpha Centauri                    Lokigames (Electronic Arts)
22. Sin                               Hyperion (Activision)
23. Postal Plus                       Lokigames
24. Kohan                             Lokigames
25. Reel Deal Slots                   PhantomFX
26. Inherit the Earth                 Wyrmkeep Entertainment
27. The Labyrinth of Time             Wyrmkeep Entertainment
28. Future Boy!                       The General Coffee Company Film Productions

That's quite a collection.  If you want good gaming to survive under Linux, I
suggest you buy some too.  The day that Loki goes bankrupt would be a sad day
for Linux...

Note that last paragraph. I don't have the heart to remove that sentence. It was indeed a dark day for Linux. How can you help gaming on Linux? You don't need to program. All you need to do is buy games, don't pirate them. Microsoft Windows and console games will be around no matter what we do. Linux gaming is fragile. Don't sabotage it. Purchase as many games as you can afford.