Name: Battlezone Lite
Year: 1998
Written: Activision
Game Type:1st person shooter
Wine 2.0: No go
The installer is custom; it's not installshield. The installer got stuck in an endless loop towards the very end of the installation, so I had to kill it. When I went to go play the game, it kept telling me to install the CD. Prolly copy protection at work again.
Name: G-Police
Year: 1997
Written: Psygnosis
Game Type:1st, 3rd person shooter. Simulation
Wine 2.0: No go
When I installed Direct-X from within the installed, winex crashed with a "wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger". Without installed Direct-X, installation went flawlessly. When I try to play the game, a pop-up appears saying "Another program is accessing the CD-ROM drive. Please close the app and retry". I can't get past this. It's prolly copy protection.
Name: Grim Fandango
Year: 1998
Written: LucasArts
Game Type:Adventure
Wine 2.0:
Name: Incoming: The Final Conflict
Year: 1998
Published:Xicat Interactive
Written: Rage Software Limited
Game Type:1st, 3rd person shooter. Simulation
Wine 2.0: No go
Install went flawlessly. When I run the game, a pop-up comes up and says "Insert CD" and it doesn't get past this.