What is a stub?
Some examples of stub messages:
fixme:font:AddFontResource32A ("aricyr.ttf"): stub
fixme:module:PatchCodeHandle (02b7): stub
fixme:dsound:IDirectSound_SetCooperativeLevel (0x406740a4,00000528,3):stub
fixme:module:FreeLibrary32 (0x408b0000): stub
A stub is an unimplemented function. It is declared and coded but doesn't do the real job--it only returns to the caller.

What does   fixme:module:FreeLibrary (0x40650000): stub   mean?
When a library is called, Windows increments the library usage counter of that library. FreeLibrary should do nothing more than decrease this counter and unload the library if this counter is zero. But as currently all libraries are linked in, these cannot be unloaded. FreeLibrary will remain a stub for now.

What is a selector?
Selectors are something used by the Intel processors; they are basically handles pointing to the (Local or Global) Selector Table, where you can find descriptors that define the properties of memory segments (base address, size, type, access rights, etc). For more detailed info I'd recommend the Intel manual or just about any book on the Intel processor architecture.

Is wine an emulator or not?
Wine does not emulate Windows programs, it simply executes them, providing an implementation for those Windows API routines that are called by them. (This is the short explanation, in reality it is somewhat more complicated :-/) -- Ulrich Weigand, IMMD 1, Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg, Martensstr. 3, D-91058 Erlangen, Phone: +49 9131 85-7688

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