Configuring winex

Your winex configuration file is located in $HOME/.transgaming/config. Any references to your "config file" will refer to this file, unless explicitly said otherwise.

Changing The Location Of The Drives

In your config file, look for:
[Drive C] "Path" = "${HOME}/.transgaming/c_drive/" "Type" = "hd" "Label" = "Dos Drive" "Filesystem" = "win95"
you can change "Path" if you want your C drive to be located somewhere else, like /usr/local/Windows/C or something like that.

Taking Screenshots

Gimp doesn't seem to work with OpenGL, so using it to take screenshots of winex might be difficult. Two options:
  1. Open an xterm and use: sleep 5s; import -window root screenshot.jpg. This will delay the screenshot from being taken for five seconds.
  2. If you have KDE, use ksnapshot. It works well, and allows you to delay snapshots, as well as only capturing the window in focus.
By default, winex runs fullscreen, so you may need to put this line in (or uncomment it from) your winex config file:
"Desktop" = "800x600"