Want to translate my document?

Here's information that will want to at least read before you start.

  1. I will appreciate ANY work you do, but your work will be most valuable if you translate the docbook document, not the html or text document.
  2. If you decide to translate the docbook document, you may be able to contact the TLDP group that represents your language and give them your translation for inclusion in their repository.
  3. If TLDP accepts your document, among other things, it will be included in official Linux distributions as a howto package in your language. That's quite an honor! If you want to do this, it would be wise to contact your TLDP publisher and tell him of your intent to translate.
  4. But all this depends on you translating the docbook, not the html or text version. Unfortunately, I won't be much help if you have trouble figuring out how to compile a docbook document. I'm a newbie myself. You can ask, and I *may* be able to help, but I'll probably say "I don't know".
  5. No matter what you do, I would appreciate a copy of your finished product so I can include it on my website. :)
  6. After you give me a complete product, please expect an update of the howto within a week or two. The update will reflect your translation and offer you an official thanks for everyone to see. You'll be famous. :)
  7. Don't forget the pizza or postcard.