I'm not sure why I started to get excited about California State Historical Markers. Any real motorcyclist will tell you that our hobby is not about arriving somewhere, but in the getting somewhere. Coupled with the fact that I'm a die-hard history buff, historical markers seems like the perfect wedding between my love of motorcycles and history.

People are always curious about our hobby, and we often meet new and sometimes strange people on our journeys to new and sometimes strange places. SHL markers are one of the ways that I can keep track of some of my journeys.


The Markers

SHL NumberNameCounty
SHL 0012William B. Ide Adobe Tehama
SHL 0029Volcano (in progress) Amador
SHL 0031Drytown Amador
SHL 0036Middle Bar Amador
SHL 0039Butte Store Amador
SHL 0146Trinidad Head Humboldt
SHL 0154Fort Humboldt Humboldt
SHL 0164Old Arrow Tree (Indian Arrow Tree) Humboldt
SHL 0173Centerville Beach Memorial Cross Humboldt
SHL 0215Camp Curtis Humboldt
SHL 0216Town Of Trinidad Humboldt
SHL 0255Calaveritas Calaveras
SHL 0265Chili Gulch Calaveras
SHL 0427Battle Of Bloody Island Lake
SHL 0477Eureka: "I Have Found It" Humboldt
SHL 0487Diamond Springs El Dorado
SHL 0615Fort Bragg Mendocino
SHL 0633Old Folsom Powerhouse (Folsom station) Sacramento
SHL 0709Won Lim Miao (Weaverville Joss House) Trinity
SHL 0778The La Grange Mine Trinity
SHL 0783Jacoby Building Humboldt
SHL 0838Tsurai (Ancient Yurok Indian Village of Tsurai) Humboldt
SHL 0842Arcata and Mad River Railroad Company Humboldt
SHL 0882Humboldt Harbor Historical District Humboldt
SHL 0883Ferndale Humboldt
SHL 1007Knight Foundry Amador

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