Dance: 2011-10-01


Not sure what song this is, but he sounds like Henry Fiol to me.

This isn't really so much of a dance, but me practicing and getting advice on one my favorite patterns. I call it the "Men's Whipturn plus", and you can see it at 1:00, 1:10, 1:20, 1:45, 2:06, 2:16, etc. The main problem is that I'm not actually stepping on all the beats and we recover on ladies' timing. Not an awful sin because Evelyn and I dance so much that we know how to get back onto men's timing, but it shouldn't happen since not every woman knows how to change timing when partnered.

Nothing spectacular here; a lackluster Around the World where we recover entirely too far apart towards the end of the dance, and my musicality pretty much sucks, but like I said, this isn't so much of a dance as it is a practice session.

I'm still raising my feet too high, but not egregiously so.

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