Dance: 2012-04-21


The song is Mango Mangue, performed by Dorance Lorza and Sexteto Cafe.

Again, this is the first dance of the day and a bit rough around the edges. I think I look a little stiff, which is always true of my first dances.

But even moreover, my footwork is truly horrendous. I'm lifting my feet up way too much. Every time I look at my footwork here it makes me cringe. I really needed to remember that Latin dancing involves stepping on the ball then heel, as opposed to normal walking which is the opposite (we usually dig our heels in first and then the balls touch the floor). I think I'm under the impression that if you intend to be a good dancer, it's important to look at videos of you dancing every so often.

On the other hand, my musicality is actually pretty good. Around 1:50 you can see me playing with the music, but there are various points in the dance that you can see us "in the music" rather than just a bunch of spinning and turning to background music, which many Salsa dancers are guilty of.

Nothing too fancy here; very basic movements. We make a couple of miscommunications which nobody but a trained dancer would see (you can hear Delille in the background -- he notices) except for twice where we pause dancing for a moment to catch up with the clave.

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