Dance: 2012-05-26


I have no idea what this song is, but I'd love to know because it's a fun and dramatic song to dance to. The chorus is 'presiento que me estoy enamorado', but I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet. I don't even know who the artist is, although it might be Rey Ruiz.

Much of this dance is me playing around with the Rico Suave (or the "Pedro Suave" which is the Rico Suave with me doing a backspot) and also playing around with backspots during hand-toss checks, like at 1:33 which seemed like a good idea at the time, and I think I like that movement.

I'm mostly happy with this dance. If I were to critique this dance, my main complaints are:

  • At times my CBL is a bit too circular. I think I'm opening up just a tad too wide, as in 1:18 or 4:02.
  • My men's whip turn is dreadful. I cringe everytime I see myself doing it here, as in 3:31 through 3:33 and 4:07 through 4:10..
  • Don't crouch.
  • Head up. Chin up. Smile. The problem is that Salsa leaders are constantly choreographing the dance on the fly, and it really requires a lot of brain power and fast thinking. What you're seeing is me thinking very quickly. I need to learn how to mask that cogitative process better.

I think my musicality is progressing nicely. This was the first dance of the day, and I've noticed that the first dances are always a bit rough around the edges. You can even see the difference betwen the first 2 minutes of the dance and the last two minutes of the dance.

My "signature" moves are somewhat absent from this dance, including the passing turn and waist turns (which I don't think I actually do here. I think I was concentrating on playing around with the Rico Suave, which is why you see me thinking so much.

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