Dance: 2012-09-16



How does one get good at Salsa? I dunno. We're still advanced beginners, and aren't even close to "intermediate" yet. However, I do know how someone can go from beginner to advanced beginner: Repetition, repetition, repetition.

We're learning two new patterns here. I call them Merry-Go-Round 1 and Merry-Go-Round 2. You can see how uncomfortable I am. It's almost painful to watch. But about 60% into the video, you can see me getting more comfortable with the patterns. In the first half, you'll see me making plenty of mistakes. They don't look like mistakes because I've learned not to stop dancing, but they're still mistakes.

The video is boring in some sense since we're really only doing 2 things, with minor variations. But it's also interesting to see myself start to gain confidence in the turn patterns.

I still don't have Merry-Go-Round 2 down pat. That moves requires a matador's swagger / stomp and I don't think I have the gravitas for that yet,

But I'm getting there...

BTW, this song is totally groovy. I love dramatic Salsa music, and this is dramatic. The artist is José Alberto and the song's name is Que Muera el Amor off the album Palladium Series 2. Unfortunately for José, his record label was purchased and many of his albums weren't released since, so his music is getting hard to find.

I *love* the song's chorus, which starts at around 2:30. That's when we start nailing the patterns. I think the music inspired me at this point.

Technically we're already knew the Merry-Go-Round 1 but I'm perfecting the timing of the lead to make it easier for the follower and less awkward to lead her into the next movement.

Things to remember:

  1. In Merry-Go-Round 1, be careful to not give an unintended lead on the 7. Let the follower do her thing.
  2. Start leading again on 1. On 2, begin whatever I want to do next (like a check + left turn or a prominade).
  3. If giving a check plus left turn, do a side basic to give the follower a rubber-band like momentum. The more over to the right I am, the more momentum I can give the follower.

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