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By Peter Jay Salzman

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I've received some great email from around the world. I have a keen interest in other peoples' cultures, their likes, dislikes, what they do, who they are. I'd love to fly to each country and make each one of these people my personal friend. But I can't, so I'll simply post some of the fantastic "kudos" that this page has generated.

If you want your email taken down (or don't want it posted) let me know and I'll be happy to oblige. I'm just grateful to get any email kudos at all. Feel free to send me your homepage, pic, or blog and I'll post them here if you like.


These are some Google rankings of my GDB tutorial. Personally, I think this tutorial is the best on the net. If you want to repay me for writing this tutorial, please consider linking to my tutorial to give me some link-foo with Google. It's easier and cheaper than buying a book!   :)

the best GDB tutorial1
best GDB tutorial 2
GDB debugger 3
GDB tutorial 6


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