Using GNU's GDB Debugger

Table Of Contents

By Peter Jay Salzman

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Chapter 0: Administrata

  1. Why Write This Tutorial?
  2. Acknowledgements And Dedication
  3. Authorship And Copyright
  4. About Exercises
  5. Thank Yous
  6. A Plug For The EFF
  7. A Request For Help

Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. What Is A Debugger?
  2. Why Not Use printf()?
  3. What Is GDB?
  4. Other Symbolic Debuggers
    1. Debuggers
    2. Front Ends

Chapter 2: Memory Layout and the Stack

  1. Where Are We Going To Go?
  2. Virtual Memory
  3. Memory Layout
  4. Stack Frames And The Stack
  5. The Symbol Table
  6. Preparing An Executable For Debugging
  7. Investigating The Stack With GDB

Interlude: Debugging With Your Brain

  1. Please Read Before Continuing
  2. Debugging With Your Brain

Chapter 3: Initialization, Listing, And Running

  1. Where Are We Now?
  2. Where Are We Going To Go?
  3. Listing Source Code
  4. Setting The List Size
  5. The .gdbinit File
  6. gdbinit on MS Windows
  7. Running A Program In GDB
  8. Restarting A Program In GDB

Chapter 4: Breakpoints And Watchpoints

    This chapter under massive reconstruction.

  1. Breaking
    1. Setting Basic Breakpoints
    2. By Function Name
    3. By Line Number
    4. By File And Line Number
    5. By Address
    6. Breakpoint Numbers
    7. Removing Breakpoints
    8. Enabling, Disabling And Ignoring
    9. Listing Breakpoints

Chapter 5: Stepping and Resuming

    This chapter under massive reconstruction.

  1. Breakpoints And Watchpoints
  2. Setting Breakpoints In Single File Programs
  3. Setting Breakpoints In Multiple File Programs
  4. Advanced Breaking
  5. Summary Of Breakpoints
  6. Deleting Breakpoints
  7. Inspecting Variables
  8. Inspecting Arrays And Structures
  9. Advanced Inspection
  10. Changing Variables
  11. Stepping Through Your Program
  12. Finding Out Where You Are And Listing Source Code

Chapter 6: Debugging A Running Process

  1. Debugging A Running Process
  2. With Command Line Arguments
  3. With The Attach Command
  4. Processes Without Debugging Symbols

Chapter 7: Debugging Ncurses Programs

  1. Ncurses
  2. Getting Started
  3. Separating Input/Output

Chapter 8: Other Stuff

  1. Official Sources
  2. Other Tutorials
  3. Kudos
  4. Google


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