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I love to write. When learning a new topic, the first thing I do is collect notes. Eventually, the notes turn into a writing project. These are howto's and guides that I've written.

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The Linux Gamers' Howto

The Linux Gamers' Howto covers all aspects of gaming on Linux. Topics include configuring and tuning the video, audio and library systems, what games are out there and more.

Formats:   docbook,   postscript,   html,   out of date Russian translation

The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

This is the best free guide to Linux kernel module programming. It had been out of date for a few years until the original author, Ori Pomerantz, signed over the copyright to me, and I now maintain it. It has been converted to docbook, and broken down into "branches" to track recent developments in kernel module programming while retaining a historical archive of module programming.

The 2.4 series

Formats:   docbook source (tar.bz2),   single file HTML,   postscript,   pdf

In addition, there is a Chinese translation of the 2.4 branch of the LKMPG, thanks to . You can navigate the document here or download the html source (tar.bz2)

The 2.6 series

I've placed the 2.6 series editorship in the capable hands of .

Formats:   docbook source (tar.bz2),   single file HTML,

In addition, there is a Chinese translation of the 2.6 branch of the LKMPG, thanks to . You can navigate the document here, or download the html source (tar.bz2).

LKMPG Supplement

There is a supplement to the Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide, authored by . Unfortunately, it is currently unmaintained. It consists of two files: module.h, and module-macros-kdc.h.


I'm no longer maintaining this HOWTO. The people at LiViD took it over. My very outdated original document can be read here.

The Debian Jigdo mini-HOWTO

The new, easy way to download Debian ISO images. This mini-HOWTO is available from The Linux Documentation Project and is most likely sitting on your hard drive right now! It has been translated to German, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

Please follow this link to access the different formats and translations of this howto.

The Quake HOWTO

The Quake HOWTO was so outdated that it's absolutely useless to anyone. I decided to give the HOWTO a major update. In fact, it turned out to be a complete rewrite of the original document, from start to finish. This HOWTO is not anywhere near completion, but if you want to peek at what I'm doing, the links are here. Note, I'm always looking for helpful comments and suggestions for this document.

Formats:   docbook,   html,   postscript

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